Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Twit-twoo! The newest additions to Esh's birdlife come home to roost...

The amazing generosity of the village residents, who pulled together to raise over £300.00 following the theft of one of the owl sculptures in June, meant that not one but two new owls arrived in Esh yesterday afternoon, courtesy of local sculptor Lee Hoskins.  These new carvings are shaped from thicker tree trunks, meaning that they'll hold fast against against whatever Mother Nature chooses to throw at the village, as well as being far harder to pick up and run off with!

 A  team effort saw the owls hoisted into position: ropes, brute strength, and the involvement of one unsuspecting resident, summoned from his car as he returned home quietly after work, brought the carvings down from their perch on the trailer, whilst the technical expertise of metalworkers, construction specialists and hot-beverage-makers saw them bolted into a concrete base.

A third sculpture, a baby woodpecker, has yet to be positioned… where would you suggest he go?! Ideas to the residents' association email address, please!

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  1. Well done guys, they look great, my daughter has to give them a pat every time we walk past them!