Village Action Plan

Your Village, Your Voice 

In 2013, the Mid-Durham Area Action Partnership (AAP) began to assess the most pressing concerns felt by those living in the village. Their survey revealed that Esh residents were most troubled by road safety, local employment, and environmental issues. 

Over the past four years,  the mid-Durham AAP staff team, headed up by Andy Coulthard, our County Councillors and our Parish Councillors have worked hard with EVRA to tackle these issues, many of which are complex matters requiring input from a variety of partners. 

Andy and his team drew up an action plan to give an outline of the concerns raised by residents, and to illustrate the progress being made. As you'll be able to see, Andy and his team have been extremely busy over the past three years, and have made significant strides in helping to address concerns such as the blocked drains, dog litter, speeding traffic, car-parking and congestion, and the overgrown verges in much more in sustainable ways. 

These are long-terms projects that we can all get involved with and of course, there will always be more we can do to improve the quality of life for residents of Esh, but the Action Plan is a great place to start. 

Following the latest consultation in June 2017, the Action Plan was last updated on 14/08/2017 to reflect the progress being made. Double click on the images to make them bigger (and easier to read!). If you have any questions or comments about the Action Plan, please email them to

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