Monday, 2 June 2014

Tub Planting Tomorrow

Esh village is home to some 24 barrel flower tubs located around the village - all along the main road through the village, around the village green, and by the schools and churches - which add another dash of colour to the now very green landscape around us! 

Each spring and autumn, Esh Village Residents' Association replenishes any sickly looking bedding plants, trims the box and cares for the tulip bulbs, and tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd July, we're scheduled to be out and about on our bi-annual planting tour. All village residents are very welcome to join us - all that is required is a hand fork or trowel and some wellies, judging by the latest weather forecast... We'll be setting off from Rutters Garth at 10.30am, with intrepid planters spreading out across the village - do just come and join in if you spot us! 

This year we've opted for a 'red, white, and blue' colour scheme: pictures to follow here shortly! 

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