Friday, 14 March 2014

Nature Watch, Esh-style

We've barely had a winter and it's already feeling like spring (not that I'm quite ready to turn the thermostat down yet), and with it the warmer weather is bringing out the first glimpses of wildlife for Esh is locally so well known. We've had early sightings of young deer over towards Hag Wood, the squirrels are well and truly out of hibernation, and rumour has it that hares are to be spotted boxing in the fields to the south of the village - a sure sign that spring has sprung, surely?
We're thinking of setting up a 'Nature Watch' page on the blog for residents and visitors to post photos and sightings of wildlife in and around the village - what do you think? Do get in touch and let us know at The longer days mean lots of opportunities to get out and about, and don't forget your camera... the 2014 Photography Competition is just around the corner, never mind the 2015 calendar...

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