Thursday, 25 July 2013

Your Village Your Voice Goes From Strength to Strength

Some of you might remember a post a month back mentioning that the Mid-Durham Area Action Partnership, headed up by Andy Coulthard, was working closely with the various communities in Esh - the schools, the churches, the Parish Council and the Residents' Association to name just a few -  to help facilitate communications between local government bodies and the village. 

Following a meeting in June between the AAP and Esh residents, an action plan was drawn up to help address some of the issues concerning villagers (the blocked drains - a popular topic around here! - dog fouling, overgrown verges, road safety, and horse droppings on the roads and pavements being just a couple). An up to date copy of the action plan can be found on the blog detailing the progress made so far... as you'll be able to tell from the plan, Andy and his team have been seriously busy in the last 6 weeks and made huge strides already! 

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